12 Voyager Floating First Aid Kit

Contains 7 modules which can handle most onboard injuries during extended cruises, packed in our zippered neoprene floating case. Internal mesh pockets keep modules organized and easy to access. Contains 152 total pieces.

General First Aid Module (58 items) – Bandages and Necessities

Wound Treatment Module (13 items) – Larger Bandages and Gauze

Sprains & Limb Injury Module (4 items)

Eye Injury Module (4 items)

Medications Module (67 items) – Analgesics, Decongestants, Antacids

CPR & Shock Module (3 items) – CPR Mask, Rescue Blanket

Burn Module (3 items) – Water Jel Burn Dressing, Gauze


12 Voyager Floating First Aid Kit



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