Boat Cushion Type IV

PFD for Lakes and Pools

The Type IV Cushion is the perfect addition to any aquatic safety kit. Simply throw this cushion in the water and ensure safety for anyone overboard.

The nylon loop straps are designed for carrying and as an armhole, offering instant access to safety. Another perk of this flotation cushion is that it’s made from slim but durable PE foam and has a nylon cover, both of which will remain in top shape for years to come. This square float cushion comes in four colors: hunter green, red, white, USA, and camo.

Stock your boat or PWC with one or a bunch—safety is the best accessory for anyone on the water.


Boat Cushion Type IV

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  • Type IV: U.S. Coast Guard approved. Designed to be thrown to a person in the water
  • Throwable device with two straps so user can put arms through to hug cushion for support
  • Satisfies U.S. Coast Guard requirement for throwable cushions to be carried on all boats
  • Bright colors for visibility


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