Paddlemore SUP Seat

Stand, Sit and Kneel effortlessly for comfort and fun. ZUP’s new SUP Seat is a world’s first. Now riders of any skill level can hop on an SUP and ride in multiple different positions based on their comfort and preference.

The SUP Seat quickly ties in to the central anchor system on ZUP’s Stand-Up Paddleboard. Velcro straps allow it to also be used on virtually ANY other SUP.


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Paddlemore SUP Seat

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  • Velcro strap system allows SUP Seat to be attached to any board
  • Easy and fast to inflate
  • Soft top and sides make for comfortable long duration rides
  • Wedge design accommodates riders of all different heights
  • Pack and unpacks in minutes; Includes: PaddleMORE SUP Seat, Foot Pump, Strap System, Mesh Carry Bag



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