SeaStar HA5430H Hydraulic Steering Oil – 32 Oz.

SeaStar Solutions HA5430 hydraulic steering fluid is formulated to provide the best performance for your SeaStar or BayStar hydraulic steering system. A perfect blend of viscosity stabilizers, anti-wear agents and corrosion inhibitors will ensure maximum steering life performance. Sold in Quart.


SeaStar HA5430H Hydraulic Steering Oil – 32 Oz.



  • Anti-foaming agents – Helps remove entrained air from the oil; primarily as a result of system installation
  • Anti-rust agents/corrosion inhibitors – If water ingresses into the system this additive helps prevent rusting
  • Viscosity Stabilizer – Provides viscosity stability over a wide temp. scale
  • Wear additives – Enhances overall life of the hydraulic steering system
  • Water emulsification adders
  • Anti-oxidants


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